Work-Related Accidents

Hazardous conditions are present in nearly every workplace. It is highly likely that over the course of your career you or a loved one will experience an accident related to employmentan injuryOnce you prove that your injury is related to your job, there are a number of things you can do to receive compensation. In these situations, it is key to be aware of your legal rights as an employee. 


If you are injured at your workplace, it is essential that you report the incident immediately! State law requires accidents to be reported in a certain time frame after the occurrence. In addition, injury that occurs over a long period of time must be reported as soon as you realize that the injury was caused from your employment. No matter who is at fault, an injured employee is entitled to worker's compensation under Minnesota law. Worker's compensation laws hold employers responsible for handing the medical costs of an injury that happened while on the job and are required to pay an injured employee a portion of his or her salary for the duration of the period in which the employee is unable to work. In order to be sure that your rights will be honored or if you run into disputes with your employer, contact an attorney for legal counsel. 


There are many specifics to be aware of when dealing with a work-related accident and you want to be sure that the process of reporting an injury and making a claim is accomplished properly. We recommend that you contact one of our accident attorneys as soon as possible regarding your injury so that we can guide you through the procedure. Our experienced lawyers will work to obtain all of the compensation to which you are entitled, so contact Trenti today to discuss your situation. 

Joseph Leoni